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Take Me Away

A furniture collection including a chair, a side table, and a floor lamp to create an intimate corner that takes you away from the immediate reality to embrace a serene, ephemeral moment with yourself. Surreal form languages are used to create visual illusions and change people’s perception of time and space, to trigger a conversation with one’s dream and memory.


Steel Rods, Steel Tube, Leather, Felt, Plywood



CNC, Bending, Welding, Powder Coating



Three Levels of Take Me Away



By protection and isolation from the rest of world,

“ I am by myself, together with myself, and therefore two- in-one.”

                                                          - Hannah Arendt

2.Bracketing Time


Change people’s perception of time, suggesting the beginning of another realm, ready to be taken away.

3. Defamiliarizing and Reforming


Emerge from images of reality but exist against common perception. Lead the way to dreams and memories.

Three unique cushions developed from a simple square that is dragged, tilted, chopped and multiplied.

Tall backs keep away distraction and provide solitude. The corner of the cushions are designed to be soft and approachable inside, hard and protective outside.

Dynamic thin lines support the chair with a minimal footprint.

The metal rod is bent at a specific angle to look vertical from one view point, tilting from another, creating a changing perspective.

A layer of leather adds a warmer texture to the metal piece.

The continuous line create an illusion of a swinging pendant suspended in air, suggesting that time has slowed down.

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